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People share answers to Problems,

Problem Solving Hub
A place that people can go to learn and share their knowledge.cOur goal is to create a place that people can go to.

Learn and share their knowledge with others.

We will do this on-line and locally build an organization with the skills and talents of local people that want to build a place where people can go to learn. When you look at all the problems and challenges to children being born in the current world we live in.
People share answers

We feel that there is a need for children and parents have a resource center to aid in extra development.

For children from age one to people of all ages. Our group has already started a website to help people share their ideas and solutions to problems that face us now and in the future. The site will be a free site that makes it easy to share your views.
ideas and solutionsIdentifying problems and offer solutions to our changing world.
A social community focused on sharing people’s views, opinions and solutions. Not everyone has a heart to help others. People tend to leave that to the social services and faith based groups and organization to deal with. This is very apparent when you look at our own political system. To many people it seems very dysfunctional if you have to chose a President by picking the one you like based on not picking the one that you like the lest. Apathy is a leading cause of why things don’t work today.
Get involved, Democracy depends on the involvement of people.